ÓÓ Beer

Jaja Ding Dong Húsavík and Húsavík Öl are proud to announce the arrival of the beer that will give some unmistakable golden shades to 2021 Icelandic summer.

ÓÓ, acronym of our beloved Óskar Óskarsson, is the latest creation of Húsavík Öl, the microbrewery founded in Húsavík in 2018. ÓÓ is a golden lager inspired by the character who lead Húsavík (the town and the namesake song) straight to an Oscar nomination. 

ÓÓ is a 5.8% European-style lager, very easy to drink, destined to enlighten every moment of a summer day – or night. The golden shade (and the taste you will love) comes by the addition of a bit of caramelized malt to the recipe that brewer Steini has conceived exclusively for Jaja Ding Dong Húsavík.

ÓÓ will be available ONLY at Jaja Ding Dong Húsavík starting from next June. We might have missed an Óskar, but you don’t want to miss our gold!